Anonymous asked
Hello :) I just came across your blog and i think it's great! (And your "about" section is very well explained, haha) Well, here's my question: Do you promote other blogs?

Awww thank you lovely stranger! Things like this just make my day :)

About promoting other blogs… i don’t directly promote anyone. I mean, i will not make a post just saying “hey, go follow this blog. It’s awsome blah blah blah” and that kind of stuff.

However, i will indirectly promote other blogs. Let me explain that: Say you request a challenge (and you do not do it as an anon). When i post that challenge on my blog i will put in the description “requested by name-of-your-blog”. In that way everyone that sees the post will be able to follow the link to your blog, take a look at it and follow.

You’ll see what i mean when i start getting requests :)

P.S: The same happens when you ask something. The link to your blog becomes available to anyone who follows me